How high are the tuition fees in Germany?

Compared to other well-developed neighboring-countries tuition fees regarding education are not worth to mentioned, since October 2014 there no tuition fees for students anymore. This offer is not only granted to citizen of Germany, also international students, who are willing to pursuit a degree in Germany irrespective of their origin, have access to free and high-quality education. You will need to pay an administration fee per semester, which is normally around 250,00 to 300,00 €.

What qualifications do universities in Germany offer?

The universities in Germany offer competive Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D degrees, giving you access to some of the best international universities in the world. Normaly a Bachelor Degrees will take six semester (three years) to complete, for postgraduate studies, a Master of Arts or a Master of Science will take up to the selected program two to four semesters (one to two years). Also German universities offer specialized degrees like MBA (Master of Business Administration).

What are the entry requirements to study in Germany?

There are different entry requirements up to the selected level of degree and your entrance qualification. Here a detailed assessment is recommended. In Germany a Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) – a a high entrance qualification test is required, here international students can provide different formats to proof their qualification. For most international student a high-school diploma, school-leaving certificate or university entrance exam result is normally enough to set up the application process in Germany. Nevertheless sometimes further tests are required by universities or states to proof enough qualification.

Do I need to speak German?

Up to the selected program it’s not necessary to study in Germany in German language, but in most universities the language of instruction is German. Here a language program is necessary to achieve the claimed language level, which is normally B2 or C1. EDUBAO is offering detailed support and customized language programs.

How do I apply to universities in Germany?

Here a two deadlines every year, one for the winter semester which is the 15.07 and one for the summer semester which is the 15.07.

Do I need a German student visa to study in Germany?

If you are from an Asian country you need to apply for a German student visa at least three months before your are due to travel. EDUBAO is offering Visa-Services for a smooth application.

Where can I study in Germany?

Germany, the leading industry country in Europe, is the perfect place to study abroad, based on a rich and complex history, an inviting culture and a lot of activities for new students. Also the german Universities are ranked among the best in the world, the innovative and international programs are outstanding in Europe. EDUBAO is offering 150 universities for applying.

What’s the difference between a university and a "Fachhochschule"?

In Germany there are two different higher education institutes. Universities, which are focusing in academic research and education. Fachhochschulen, which are more geared towards practical learning.